Jess Petrie Art

I work from The Paint Shed, my studio in the coastal village of Balmedie in northeast Scotland where rolling farmland meets the moods of the North Sea.The changing colours and textures of the Scottish landscape and seasons provide my inspiration. I enjoy painting outdoors and travelling around in search of new ideas. Originally trained in sculpture and ceramics, I have taught for many years, although recently I have reduced my teaching to have more time in the studio for my own projects.

As I try to create a personal, emotional response to what I see around me, my painting has evolved from the precision of small brush strokes and detail to a looser, semi-abstract response using palette knives, larger brushes and, basically, anything that makes an interesting mark. I use a variety of techniques, constantly experimenting with acrylics, inks, oil pastels, mixed media, printing and collage. My methods have changed over time and I enjoy trying out new ideas.

In my paintings, I tend to use strong colours ranging from moody, moonlight blue studies to bright, almost fluorescent summer days. My aim is to create an imaginative response balanced with a sense of place and a recognition of familiar images. 

I have taken part in the annual North East Open Studios event over the last few years and I exhibit regularly in Scottish galleries. I also sell internationally and my paintings have found homes across the UK, the United States and in Europe. Most of the paintings in my 'Current" Gallery are for sale with previously sold paintings in the Archive section. There is also the odd crafty piece which I have included. Please get in touch for details. I ship worldwide.